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Installation, repair, remodel and maintenance.


Our professional installation service is done by our factory training installation team. We offer the competitive installation price in the market working with great efficiency! Please schedule free estimate for your hot water needs!

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Annual Maintenance Program
As part of our customer care program, we now offer “our maintenance programs” to tankless gas water heater home owners and this program has been designed to help to ensure the trouble free operation of your water heaters on a daily basis. (Manufacture recommends to have a maintenance once a year)

  • Our factory-trained technicians insure that your unit operates at optimal efficiency and safety all year long with saving energy cost.
  • Offer both residential and commercial business owners
  • As an added benefit, we offer At House Membership which receive a 10% discount on repairs (parts and new equipment!) if necessary.

Would you like to replace with low flow WaterSense® toilets. ? and washlet bidet seat? We carries variety of toilet which saves water bill over $10,000 in life time and water, too!


We are specializing in Japanese bathroom which bath & shower are in separate area adding Tub heaters which allows you to set the hot water temperature and fill the bath remotely. Wouldn’t it be nice if you can prepare the perfect bath anytime!


Our 20 years experience of water purifier installation team provides the best solution for your water treatment needs including all the specification, and terms we think you need in order to make an informed decision!

Install & Repair
We got it cover!
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I would highly, highly recommend this honest, clean and fast company.

Quality+ Price+ Service+ Warranty all comes in in one package, At House stands behind their words and workmanship.

The guys are awesome in customer service, speedy, and reasonably priced.

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